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API reference
atspi-text — An interface implemented by objects which place textual information onscreen.
atspi-stateset — The atspi-stateset objects implement wrappers around a bitmap of accessible states.
atspi-application — An interface identifying the root object associated with a running application.
atspi-collection — An interface designed to allow accessibles which satisfy a set of criteria to be returned.
atspi-relation — An interface via which non-hierarchical relationships are indicated.
atspi-matchrule — An interface that allows the definition of match rules for accessible objects.
AtspiAccessible — The base interface which is implemented by all accessible objects.
atspi-devicelistener — An interface for creating and manipulating device listeners.
atspi-hyperlink — Instances of atspi-hyperlink are the means by which end users and clients interact with linked content.
atspi-editabletext — An interface that provides methods for modifying textual content of components which support editing.
atspi-value — An interface supporting a one-dimensional scalar to be modified, or which reflects its value.
atspi-table — An interface used by containers whose data is arranged in a tabular form.
atspi-selection — An interface which indicates that an object exposes a 'selection' model, allowing the selection of one or more of its children.
atspi-event-listener — A generic interface implemented by objects for the receipt of event notifications.
atspi-hypertext — An interface used for objects which implement linking between multiple resource locations.
atspi-component — An interface implemented by objects which have onscreen visual representations.
atspi-registry — A service through which applications providing accessibility services can rendezvous with consumers of those services.
atspi-types — Type definitions needed by multiple interfaces.
atspi-constants — Constant definitions needed by multiple interfaces.
atspi-misc — Miscellaneous methods for using AT-SPI services.
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