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ypbind(8)                 BSD System Manager's Manual                ypbind(8)


     ypbind -- create and maintain a binding to a YP server


     ypbind [-ypset] [-ypsetme] [-insecure]


     ypbind finds the server for a particular YP domain and stores information
     about it in a binding file. This binding information includes the IP
     address of the server associated with that particular domain and which
     port the server is using.  This information is stored in the directory
     /var/yp/binding in a file named with the convention DOMAINNAME.version.
     (The YP system only supplies information on version 2.)

     When ypbind starts the primary domain (or gets the first request for a
     new domain), it checks if a file for the domain in question exists in the
     directory /var/yp/binding (ie. /var/yp/binding/DOMAINNAME.ypservers).  If
     such a file exists, it will list the hosts which ypbind should restrict
     its server search to.  Otherwise, ypbind assumes it will need to use
     broadcasts to find a valid server.  Using either of these techniques,
     ypbind will search for a server willing to serve maps for the client's
     domain.  Once a binding is established, ypbind maintains this binding by
     periodically communicating with the server to which it is bound.  If the
     binding is somehow lost, e.g by server reboot, ypbind marks the domain as
     unbound and attempts to re-establish the binding.  When the binding is
     once again successful, ypbind marks the domain as bound and resumes its
     periodic check.

     The options are as follows:

     -ypset    ypset(8) may be used to change the server to which a domain is

     -ypsetme  ypset(8) may be used only from this machine to change the
               server to which a domain is bound.

               permit binding to a ypserv(8) on a non-reserved port.  This is
               needed if receiving maps from SunOS 3.x or Ultrix.

     -d        enable debugging output.

     The -ypset and -ypsetme options are dangerous and should be avoided.  For
     greatest security, the use of a server list in
     /var/yp/binding/DOMAINNAME.ypservers is recommended.  The file should
     contain a list of valid YP server hostnames, with one hostname per line.
     The comment character is #.


     /var/yp/binding/DOMAINNAME.version - binding file for domainname
     /var/yp/binding/DOMAINNAME.ypservers - server list for this particular


     domainname(1), ypcat(1), ypmatch(1), yppoll(8), ypset(8), ypwhich(1),
     ypserv(8), yp(8)


     Theo de Raadt

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