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vip_control(8)                                                  vip_control(8)


       vip_control - manipulate virtual IP information for Xsan


       /System/Library/Filesystems/acfs.fs/Contents/bin/vip_control option


       vip_control  provides  a mechanism for editing, listing, activating and
       deactivating virtual IPs (VIPs) for the Xsan system.  Virtual  IPs  are
       required  when  running  in  an  HA configuration with deduplication or
       replication enabled.  Changes made to VIPs are not automatically copied
       over  to  an  MDC's HA peer.  As such, any changes that are made to the
       VIP configuration need to be done on both HA  MDCs.   vip_control  does
       not  update  firewall rules.  Changes to VIP configurations may require
       additional changes to the firewall rules of the system.


       -h     Display help

       -a     Activate all configured VIPs

       -d     Deactivate all configured VIPs

       -i     Show VIP status along with physical NIC status

       -l     Show configured VIPs in a compact format

       -u vip_str
              Update the VIP configuration with the vip_str string.  This  re-
              places  the  contents of the VIP configuration file.  The format
              of vip_str is as follows:

                 MAC address, IPV4 VIP, netmask, IPV6 VIP, prefix length

       Each field in a VIP entry is separated by a comma, and each  VIP  entry
       can  be  separated  by either a newline or a semicolon.  Typically, the
       semicolon is used.

       The following is an example of setting up two VIPs:

          # vip_control -u "0030482D38F6,,,,;0030482d38f7,,,,;"


       /Library/Preferences/Xsan/ha_vip.txt /opt/DXi/scripts/


       cvfs(8), snfs_config(5),, iptables(8)

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