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talagent(8)               BSD System Manager's Manual              talagent(8)


     talagent -- helper agent for the Transparent App Lifecycle feature.


     talagent [command [arguments]]


     The talagent daemon provides services related to the Transparent App
     Lifecycle feature.  talagent may also be run manually as a command line
     tool to output information about persistent state.

     The options are as follows:

         Outputs usage information.

     -dump bundle_id_fragment
         Outputs the persistent state of an application whose bundle ID con-
         tains the given fragment, case insensitive ("textedit" for example).
         You may also pass a path directly to the app's persistent state
         directory, usually in ~/Library/Saved Application State.

     -launch bundle_id
         This launches an app (in this case, TextEdit) in a manner approximat-
         ing how apps get launched at login. You can pass either a bundle ID
         fragment or a path to an app.  The app is maintained stopped until
         you hit return in the launching window (or until it receives SIG-
         CONT). This is the easiest way to test the login scenario without
         needing to log in.

     -casinfo [ASN]
         With no arguments, outputs summary information about all apps. With
         one argument (an ASN), outputs the CAS record for that app.

         Simulates memory pressure, which may cause apps that support auto-
         matic termination to exit. This does not actually allocate any mem-

         Rotates the bitmap encryption key, and attempts to cross-encrypt all
         existing window bitmaps under the new key. This is done periodically
         by talagent.


     First appeared in Mac OS X 10.7

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