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scselect(8)               BSD System Manager's Manual              scselect(8)


     scselect -- Select system configuration "location"


     scselect [-n] [new-location-name]


     scselect provides access to the system configuration sets, commonly
     referred to as "locations".  When invoked with no arguments, scselect
     displays the names and associated identifiers for each defined "location"
     and indicates which is currently active.  scselect also allows the user
     to select or change the active "location" by specifying its name or iden-
     tifier.  Changing the "location" causes an immediate system re-configura-
     tion, unless the -n option is supplied.

     At present, the majority of preferences associated with a "location"
     relate to the system's network configuration.

     The command line options are as follows:

     -n  Delay changing the system's "location" until the next system boot (or
         the next time that the system configuration preferences are changed).

         If not specified, a list of the available "location" names and asso-
         ciated identifiers will be reported on standard output.  If speci-
         fied, this argument is matched with the "location" names and identi-
         fiers and the matching set is activated.




     The scselect command appeared in Mac OS X Public Beta.

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