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pam_smartcard(8)          BSD System Manager's Manual         pam_smartcard(8)


     pam_smartcard -- Smartcard PAM module


     [service-name] function-class control-flag pam_smartcard [options]


     The Smartcard PAM module supports authentication function class.  In
     terms of the function-class parameter, this is ``auth.''

   The Smartcard Authentication Module
     This module permits or denies users based on smartcard authentication
     support in the Open Directory database, and the presence of an appropri-
     ate smartcard in the reader attached to the local machine. When a card is
     locked, the user is asked to unlock it with his PIN.

   The following options may be passed to this account management module:
             Continues evaluation even if user's shell is not valid. Normally,
             users with a shell like /usr/bin/false are considered as dis-


     Adding the following line on the top of the /etc/pam.d/sudo enables smartcard support for sudo:
             auth   sufficient


     pam.conf(5), pam(8) SmartCardServices(7)

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