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apachectl(8)                       apachectl                      apachectl(8)


       apachectl - Apache HTTP Server Control Interface


       When  acting in pass-through mode, apachectl can take all the arguments
       available for the httpd binary.

       apachectl [ httpd-argument ]

       When acting in SysV init mode, apachectl takes  simple,  one-word  com-
       mands, defined below.

       apachectl command


       apachectl  is  a  front  end  to the Apache HyperText Transfer Protocol
       (HTTP) server. It is designed to help  the  administrator  control  the
       functioning of the Apache httpd daemon.

       The  apachectl  script can operate in two modes. First, it can act as a
       simple front-end to the httpd command that simply  sets  any  necessary
       environment  variables and then invokes httpd, passing through any com-
       mand line arguments. Second, apachectl can act as a SysV  init  script,
       taking  simple  one-word  arguments  like start, restart, and stop, and
       translating them into appropriate signals to httpd.

       If your Apache installation uses non-standard paths, you will  need  to
       edit  the  apachectl  script  to set the appropriate paths to the httpd
       binary. You can also specify any necessary  httpd  command  line  argu-
       ments. See the comments in the script for details.

       The  apachectl  script  returns a 0 exit value on success, and >0 if an
       error occurs. For more details, view the comments in the script.


       Only the SysV init-style options are defined here. Other arguments  are
       defined on the httpd manual page.

       start  Loads the org.apache.httpd launchd job.

       stop, graceful-stop
              Unloads the org.apache.httpd launchd job.

       restart, graceful
              Unloads, then loads the org.apache.httpd launchd job.

              Displays a full status report from mod_status. For this to work,
              you need to have mod_status enabled on your server and  a  text-
              based  browser  such  as  lynx available on your system. The URL
              used to access the status report can be set by editing the  STA-
              TUSURL variable in the script.

       status Displays  a  brief  status  report.  Similar  to  the fullstatus
              option, except that the list of requests currently being  served
              is omitted.

              Run  a  configuration file syntax test. It parses the configura-
              tion files and either reports Syntax Ok or detailed  information
              about  the  particular  syntax  error.  This  is  equivalent  to
              apachectl -t.

       The following option was available in earlier  versions  but  has  been

              To start httpd with SSL support, you should edit your configura-
              tion file to include the relevant directives and  then  use  the
              normal apachectl start.

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