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NotifyFailover(8)           System Manager's Manual          NotifyFailover(8)


     NotifyFailover -- send notification of a failover event


     NotifyFailover {up | down} ip_address ...


     NotifyFailover sends an email notifcation announcing the availability or
     failure of a failover node.  NotifyFailover is designed to be invoked by
     failoverd(8), not to be used directly.

     NotifyFailover is external to failoverd(8) so an administrator could eas-
     ily customize notifications to her particular requirements.

     The message will be addressed to the recipients defined by the environ-
     ment variable, FAILOVER_EMAIL_RECIPIENT, (typically defined in
     /etc/hostconfig).  If this variable is also undefined, the message will
     be sent to "root" on the sending host, a destination little better than


     FAILOVER_EMAIL_RECIPIENT  List of email addressees.




     The NotifyFailover utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


     mail(1), ProcessFailover(8), failoverd(8)


     A version of NotifyFailover has been present in Mac OS X Server since
     version 10.2 (Jaguar).

Mac OS X Server 10.4           December 21, 2004          Mac OS X Server 10.4

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