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getlastlogx(3)           BSD Library Functions Manual           getlastlogx(3)


     getlastlogx, getlastlogxbyname, getutmp, getutmpx, utmpxname -- user
     accounting database functions


     #include <utmpx.h>

     struct lastlogx *
     getlastlogx(uid_t uid, struct lastlogx *ll);

     struct lastlogx *
     getlastlogxbyname(const char *name, struct lastlogx *ll);

     getutmp(const struct utmpx *ux, struct utmp *u);

     getutmpx(const struct utmp *u, struct utmpx *ux);

     utmpxname(const char *fname);


     The getlastlogx() function looks up the entry for the user with user id
     uid and returns it in ll.  If the provided ll is NULL, the necessary
     space will be allocated by getlastlogx() and should be free()d by the
     caller.  The getlastlogxbyname() function is similar to getlastlogx(),
     except the user name is passed.

     getutmp() function fills out the entries in the struct utmp u with the
     data provided in the struct utmpx ux.  getutmpx() does the opposite,
     filling out the entries in the struct utmpx ux with the data provided in
     the struct utmp u, and initializing all the unknown fields to 0.  The
     sole exception is the ut_type field, which will be initialized to

     A struct lastlogx is defined like this:

     struct lastlogx {
             struct timeval ll_tv;           /* time entry was created */
             char ll_line[_UTX_LINESIZE];    /* tty name */
             char ll_host[_UTX_HOSTSIZE];    /* host name */

     The utmpxname() function sets the default utmpx(5) database file name to


     getlastlogx() and getlastlogxbyname() return the found entry on success,
     or NULL if it could not open the database, could not find an entry match-
     ing uid or name, or could not allocate the necessary space (in case ll
     was NULL).

     utmpxname() returns 1 on success, or 0 if the supplied file name was too
     long or did not end with `x'.


     endutxent(3), utmpx(5)


     The functions getutmp(), getutmpx(), and utmpxname() first appeared in
     Solaris.  getlastlogx first appeared in NetBSD 2.0.

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