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GETFSENT(3)              BSD Library Functions Manual              GETFSENT(3)


     getfsent, getfsspec, getfsfile, setfsent, endfsent -- get file system
     descriptor file entry


     Standard system libraries.


     #include <fstab.h>

     struct fstab *

     struct fstab *
     getfsspec(const char *spec);

     struct fstab *
     getfsfile(const char *file);




     The getfsent(), getfsspec(), and getfsfile() functions each return a
     pointer to an object with the following structure containing file system
     descriptions from the directory systems consulted by the opendirectoryd
     daemon.  This will include records from the local /etc/fstab file.

           struct fstab {
                   char    *fs_spec;       /* block special device name */
                   char    *fs_file;       /* file system path prefix */
                   char    *fs_vfstype;    /* File system type, ufs, nfs */
                   char    *fs_mntops;     /* Mount options ala -o */
                   char    *fs_type;       /* FSTAB_* from fs_mntops */
                   int     fs_freq;        /* dump frequency, in days */
                   int     fs_passno;      /* pass number on parallel fsck */

     The fields have meanings described in fstab(5).

     The getfsspec() and getfsfile() functions search in available directory
     services for a matching special file name or file system file name.

     For programs wishing to read the entire database, getfsent() searches all
     available directory services on it's first invocation.  It caches the
     returned entries in a list and returns fstab entries one at a time.

     The setfsent() and endfsent() functions clear the cached results from a
     previous getfsent() call.

     Entries in the /etc/fstab file with a type field equivalent to FSTAB_XX
     are ignored.


     The getfsent(), getfsspec(), and getfsfile() functions return a NULL
     pointer on EOF or error.  The setfsent() function returns 0 on failure, 1
     on success.  The endfsent() function returns nothing.




     opendirectoryd(8), fstab(5).


     The getfsent() function appeared in 4.0BSD; the endfsent(), getfsfile(),
     getfsspec(), and setfsent() functions appeared in 4.3BSD.


     The data space used by these functions is thread-specific; if future use
     requires the data, it should be copied before any subsequent calls to
     these functions overwrite it.

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