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man SSL_CTX_sess_set_cache_size(3)
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SSL_CTX_sess_set_cache_size(3)      OpenSSL     SSL_CTX_sess_set_cache_size(3)


       SSL_CTX_sess_set_cache_size, SSL_CTX_sess_get_cache_size - manipulate
       session cache size


        #include <openssl/ssl.h>

        long SSL_CTX_sess_set_cache_size(SSL_CTX *ctx, long t);
        long SSL_CTX_sess_get_cache_size(SSL_CTX *ctx);


       SSL_CTX_sess_set_cache_size() sets the size of the internal session
       cache of context ctx to t.  This value is a hint and not an absolute;
       see the notes below.

       SSL_CTX_sess_get_cache_size() returns the currently valid session cache


       The internal session cache size is SSL_SESSION_CACHE_MAX_SIZE_DEFAULT,
       currently 1024*20, so that up to 20000 sessions can be held. This size
       can be modified using the SSL_CTX_sess_set_cache_size() call. A special
       case is the size 0, which is used for unlimited size.

       If adding the session makes the cache exceed its size, then unused
       sessions are dropped from the end of the cache.  Cache space may also
       be reclaimed by calling SSL_CTX_flush_sessions(3) to remove expired

       If the size of the session cache is reduced and more sessions are
       already in the session cache, old session will be removed at the next
       time a session shall be added. This removal is not synchronized with
       the expiration of sessions.


       SSL_CTX_sess_set_cache_size() returns the previously valid size.

       SSL_CTX_sess_get_cache_size() returns the currently valid size.


       ssl(3), SSL_CTX_set_session_cache_mode(3), SSL_CTX_sess_number(3),

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