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zeek-cut(1)                      User Commands                     zeek-cut(1)


       zeek-cut - parse Zeek logs


       zeek-cut [options] [columns]


       Extracts  the given columns from ASCII Zeek logs on standard input, and
       outputs them to standard output.  If no field names are given, all  are
       selected. By default, zeek-cut does not include format header blocks in
       the output.

       Columns are specified as a list of space-separated  field  names.   The
       order  of  field  names  given to zeek-cut determines the output order,
       which means zeek-cut can be used to reorder columns.

       The ASCII Zeek logs read on standard  input  must  have  intact  format
       header  blocks  because  zeek-cut  needs  this information to correctly
       interpret the log file format.  In fact, zeek-cut can process the  con-
       catenation  of multiple ASCII log files that have different column lay-


       -c     Include the first format header block in the output.

       -C     Include all format header blocks in the output.

       -d     Convert time values into human-readable format.

       -D <fmt> Like -d, but specify format for time (see strftime(3) for syn-

       -F <ofs> Sets a different output field separator character.

       -h     Show help.

       -n     Print all fields except those specified.

       -u     Like -d, but print timestamps in UTC instead of local time.

       -U <fmt> Like -D, but print timestamps in UTC instead of local time.


              For  time  conversion  option -d or -u, the format string can be
              specified by setting this environment variable.


       Output three columns and convert time values:
       cat conn.log | zeek-cut -d ts id.orig_h id.orig_p

       Output all columns and convert time values with a custom format string:
       cat conn.log | zeek-cut -D "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"

       Compressed logs must be uncompressed with another utility:
       zcat conn.log.gz | zeek-cut




       zeek-cut was written by The Zeek Project <>.

zeek-cut                         November 2014                     zeek-cut(1)

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