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xmbind(user cmd)                                              xmbind(user cmd)


       xmbind -- Configures virtual key bindings


       xmbind [options ]  [file ]


       xmbind  is  an  X  Window System client that configures the virtual key
       bindings for Motif applications. This action is performed by mwm at its
       startup, so the xmbind client is only needed when mwm is not in use, or
       when you want to change bindings without restarting mwm. If a  file  is
       specified, its contents are used as the virtual key bindings. If a file
       is not specified, the file .motifbind in the user's home  directory  is
       used.  If  this file is not found, xmbind loads the default virtual key
       bindings, as described in VirtualBindings(3).

       -display  This option specifies the display to use; see X(1).


       VirtualBindings(3) and X(1).

                                                              xmbind(user cmd)

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