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xinput(1)                                                            xinput(1)


       xinput - utility to configure and test XInput devices


       xinput  [version]  [list [device_name]] [set-pointer device_name] [get-
       feedbacks device_name] [set-mode device_name  ABSOLUTE|RELATIVE]  [set-
       ptr-feedback  device_name  threshold  num  denom] [set-integer-feedback
       device_name index value] [set-button-map device_name map button 1  [map
       button   2   [...]]]    [query-state  device_name]  [test  [-proximity]


       xinput version
               test if the XInput extension is available and return  the  ver-
               sion number of the program.

       xinput list [device_name]
               If  no argument is given list all the input devices showing all
               their features. If an argument is given, show all  the  feature
               of device_name.  Uses XListInputDevices(3).

       xinput get-feedbacks device_name
               Display  the  feedbacks  of  device_name. Uses XGetFeedbackCon-

       xinput set-pointer device_name
               Switch device_name  in  core  pointer.  Uses  XChangePointerDe-

       xinput set-mode device_name ABSOLUTE|RELATIVE
               Change the mode of device_name. Uses XSetDeviceMode(3).

       xinput set-ptr-feedback device_name threshold num denom
               Change  the  acceleration of device_name. Uses XChangeFeedback-

       xinput set-integer-feedback device_name index value
               Change the value of an integer feedback  of  device_name.  Uses

       xinput set-button-map device_name map button 1 [map button 2 [...]]
               Change  the  button mapping of device_name. Uses XSetDeviceBut-

       xinput query-state device_name
               Query the device state. Uses XQueryDeviceState(3).

       xinput list-props device_name [device_name...]
               Lists properties that can be set for the given device(s).

       xinput set-int-prop device_name property format value
               Sets an integer property for the  device.   Appropriate  values
               for format are 8, 16, or 32, depending on the property.

       xinput watch-props device_name
               Prints to standard out when property changes occur.

       xinput delete-prop device_name property
               Delete the property from the device.

       xinput test [-proximity] device_name
               Register all extended events from device_name and enter an end-
               less loop displaying events  received.  If  the  -proximity  is
               given, ProximityIn and ProximityOut are registered.

       device_name  can  be  the  device  name  as  a string or the XID of the

       property can be the property as a string or the Atom value.


       Copyright 1996,1997, Frederic Lepied.

       Copyright 2008, Philip Langdale.


       Philip Langdale, <>
       Frederic Lepied, France <>

       Patches, bug reports, and suggestions are welcome.

Frederic Lepied          $Date: 1997/06/09 16:06:31 $                xinput(1)

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