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latex-dev(1)                                                      latex-dev(1)


       latex-dev,  pdflatex-dev,  xelatex-dev,  lualatex-dev, dvilualatex-dev,
       platex-dev, uplatex-dev - release candidate LaTeX testing


       latex-dev [first-line]


       These -dev executables are intended for testing upcoming LaTeX2e kernel
       changes.  They  correspond to new formats which have been tested by the
       LaTeX team for stability and usability. Thus, they  are  not  arbitrary
       development snapshots; more like release candidates.

       Wider  testing  by  knowledgeable users is desired, indeed, is the main
       purpose for these executables to exist. Simply  replacing  the  regular
       engine (e.g., pdflatex) with the -dev engine name (pdflatex-dev) is all
       that should be needed.

       The lualatex-dev format is based on luahbtex, the luatex  variant  with
       harfbuzz enabled for glyph shaping.

       Please  report  bugs  in  these -dev versions, like all LaTeX releases,
       following the procedure at



       The LaTeX home page is

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