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xcursorgen(1)                                                    xcursorgen(1)


       xcursorgen - create an X cursor file from a collection of PNG images


       xcursorgen [ -V ] [ --version ] [ -? ] [ --help ] [ -p dir ] [ --prefix
       dir ] [ config-file [ output-file ] ]


       Xcursorgen reads the config-file to find  the  list  of  cursor  images
       along with their hotspot and nominal size information.  Xcursorgen con-
       verts all of the images to Xcursor format and writes them to  the  out-

       Each line in the config file is of the form:
       <size> <xhot> <yhot> <filename> <ms-delay>

       Multiple  images  with the same <size> are used to create animated cur-
       sors, the <ms-delay> value on each line indicates how long  each  image
       should  be  displayed  before switching to the next.  <ms-delay> can be
       elided for static cursors.

       If config-file is not specified, or is specified as "-", standard input
       is  used  for the configuration file.  If output-file is not specified,
       or is specified as "-", standard output is used for the output file.


       -V, --version
               Display the version number and exit.

       -?, --help
               Display the usage message and exit.

       -p dir, --prefix dir
               Find cursor images in the directory specified by dir.   If  not
               specified, the current directory is used.



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