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xcodebuild(1)             BSD General Commands Manual            xcodebuild(1)


     xcodebuild -- build Xcode projects and workspaces


     xcodebuild [-project projectname] [-target targetname ...]
                [-configuration configurationname]
                [-sdk [sdkfullpath | sdkname]] [buildaction ...]
                [setting=value ...] [-userdefault=value ...]
     xcodebuild [-project projectname] -scheme schemename
                [-configuration configurationname]
                [-sdk [sdkfullpath | sdkname]] [buildaction ...]
                [setting=value ...] [-userdefault=value ...]
     xcodebuild -workspace workspacename -scheme schemename
                [-configuration configurationname]
                [-sdk [sdkfullpath | sdkname]] [buildaction ...]
                [setting=value ...] [-userdefault=value ...]
     xcodebuild -version [-sdk [sdkfullpath | sdkname]] [infoitem]
     xcodebuild -showsdks
     xcodebuild -list [-project projectname | -workspace workspacename]


     xcodebuild builds one or more targets contained in an Xcode project, or
     builds a scheme contained in an Xcode workspace or Xcode project.

     To build an Xcode project, run xcodebuild from the directory containing
     your project (i.e. the directory containing the projectname.xcodeproj
     package). If you have multiple projects in the this directory you will
     need to use -project to indicate which project should be built.  By
     default, xcodebuild builds the first target listed in the project, with
     the default build configuration. The order of the targets is a property
     of the project and is the same for all users of the project.

     To build an Xcode workspace, you must pass both the -workspace and
     -scheme options to define the build.  The parameters of the scheme will
     control which targets are built and how they are built, although you may
     pass other options to xcodebuild to override some parameters of the

     There are also several parameters to display info about the installed
     version of Xcode or about projects or workspaces in the local directory,
     but which do not initiate a build.  These include -version, -showsdks,
     and -usage.

     -project projectname
           Build the project specified by projectname.  Required if there are
           multiple project files in the same directory.

     -target targetname
           Build the target specified by targetname.

           Build all the targets in the specified project.

     -workspace workspacename
           Build the workspace specified by workspacename.

     -scheme schemename
           Build the scheme specified by schemename.  Required if building a

     -configuration configurationname
           Use the build configuration specified by configurationname when
           building each target.

     -arch architecture
           Use the architecture specified by architecture when building each

     -sdk [<sdkfullpath> | <sdkname>]
           Build an Xcode project or workspace against the specified SDK,
           using build tools appropriate for that SDK. The argument may be an
           absolute path to an SDK, or the canonical name of an SDK.

           Lists all available SDKs that Xcode knows about, including their
           canonical names suitable for use with -sdk.  Does not initiate a

           Lists the targets and configurations in a project, or the schemes
           in a workspace. Does not initiate a build.

     buildaction ...
           Specify a build action (or actions) to perform on the target.
           Available build actions are:

           build       Build the target in the build root (SYMROOT).  This is
                       the default build action.

           archive     Archive a scheme from the build root (SYMROOT).  This
                       requires specifying a scheme.

           test        Test a scheme from the build root (SYMROOT).  This
                       requires specifying a scheme.

           installsrc  Copy the source of the project to the source root

           install     Build the target and install it into the target's
                       installation directory in the distribution root

           clean       Remove build products and intermediate files from the
                       build root (SYMROOT).

     -xcconfig filename
           Load the build settings defined in filename when building all tar-
           gets.  These settings will override all other settings, including
           settings passed individually on the command line.

           Set the build setting setting to value.

           Set the user default default to value.

           Display version information for this install of Xcode. Does not
           initiate a build. When used in conjunction with -sdk, the version
           of the specified SDK is displayed, or all SDKs if -sdk is given no
           argument.  Additionally, a single line of the reported version
           information may be returned if infoitem is specified.

           Displays usage information for xcodebuild.

   Environment Variables
     The following environment variables affect the execution of xcodebuild:

                     Set to a path to a file, build settings in that file will
                     be loaded and used when building all targets.  These set-
                     tings will override all other settings, including set-
                     tings passed individually on the command line, and those
                     in the file passed with the -xcconfig option.

   Exit Codes
     xcodebuild exits with codes defined by sysexits(3).  It will exit with
     EX_OK on success.  On failure, it will commonly exit with EX_USAGE if any
     options appear malformed, EX_NOINPUT if any input files cannot be found,
     EX_IOERR if any files cannot be read or written, and EX_SOFTWARE if the
     commands given to xcodebuild fail.  It may exit with other codes in less
     common scenarios.


     xcodebuild clean install
              Cleans the build directory; then builds and installs the first
              target in the Xcode project in the directory from which
              xcodebuild was started.

     xcodebuild -target MyTarget OBJROOT=/Build/MyProj/Obj.root
              Builds the target MyTarget in the Xcode project in the directory
              from which xcodebuild was started, putting intermediate files in
              the directory /Build/MyProj/Obj.root and the products of the
              build in the directory /Build/MyProj/Sym.root.

     xcodebuild -sdk macosx10.6
              Builds the Xcode project in the directory from which xcodebuild
              was started against the Mac OS X 10.6 SDK.  The canonical names
              of all available SDKs can be viewed using the -showsdks option.

     xcodebuild -workspace MyWorkspace.xcworkspace -scheme MyScheme
              Builds the scheme MyScheme in the Xcode workspace

     xcodebuild -workspace MyWorkspace.xcworkspace -scheme MyScheme archive
              Archives the scheme MyScheme in the Xcode workspace

     xcodebuild -workspace MyWorkspace.xcworkspace -scheme MyScheme test
              Tests the scheme MyScheme in the Xcode workspace



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