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xbssnapshot(1)                   CoreXBS Tools                  xbssnapshot(1)


       xbssnapshot - CoreXBS snapshot utility


       xbssnapshot fetch [--[no]live] [--age hours] [--[no]xpc] train_name

       xbssnapshot authcheck [--timeout seconds] train_name


       In the 1st form, xbssnapshot is used to obtain a snapshot of Cortex for
       train_name. A cache of snapshots is maintained in  a  directory,  which
       may  or  may  not  be used in addition to consulting the Cortex servers
       depending on command line OPTIONS specified. If successful, a file  URL
       of  a suitable snasphot is printed to STDOUT. On failure, a description
       of the failure is printed to STDERR.

       In the 2nd form, xbssnapshot is used to check connectivity to the  Cor-
       tex  servers  for  train_name  and  determine  if  AppleConnect (Single
       Sign-On) credentials will be required to obtain a snapshot. If the Cor-
       tex  server can be reached, YES is printed to STDOUT if SSO authentica-
       tion is required and NO is printed if not. On  failure  (including  not
       being  able  to reach the Cortex servers), a description of the failure
       is printed to STDERR.


       --live Force xbssnapshot to bypass the  snapshot  cache  directory  and
              fetch data from Cortex.

              Force xbssnapshot to not fetch data from Cortex and only use the
              snapshot cache directory.

       --age hours
              When considering if a  snapshot  found  in  the  snapshot  cache
              directory  is  "new enough", only accept snapshots that are less
              than hours old.

       --xpc  Use XPC service when fetching data  from  Cortex.  This  is  the

              Bypass XPC service when fetching data from Cortex.

       --timeout seconds
              When  performing  connectivity  test  with Cortex server(s), how
              long to wait before assuming no connectivity to a  given  Cortex


       Returns 0 on success, and non-zero on failure.


              May  be set to the hostname of a specific Cortex server. This is
              mainly only useful to the developers.

              May be set to specific port to connect to CTXHost on (does noth-
              ing  unless  CTXHost is also set). This is mainly only useful to
              the developers.


              Directory where snapshots are cached.

              CoreXBS framework  and  XPC  services  log  here.  grep  CoreXBS
              /var/log/system.log  may  show  additional information above and
              beyond what xbssnapshot prints on it's own.


       If you encounter issues with xbssnapshot, please file a  Radar.  Compo-
       nent is "CBL - CoreXBS|X". Please include the following information, if

       1.  Output of xbssnapshot, including command line it was invoked  with.

       2.  Output of ls -lh /Library/Caches/

       3.  Output of grep CoreXBS /var/log/system.log

       4.  If a snapshot was fetched, a copy of the snapshot.


       Problems with xbssnapshot should be addressed via Radar (see BUGS). For
       discussion  and  advice  from   other   users   please   subscribe   to    The   maintainers   of   xbssnapshot   are Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

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