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webpmux(1)                                                          webpmux(1)


       webpmux  -  create  animated  WebP files from non-animated WebP images,
       extract frames from animated WebP images, and manage XMP/EXIF  metadata
       and ICC profile.


       webpmux -get GET_OPTIONS INPUT -o OUTPUT
       webpmux -set SET_OPTIONS INPUT -o OUTPUT
       webpmux -strip STRIP_OPTIONS INPUT -o OUTPUT
       webpmux -frame FRAME_OPTIONS [ -frame ... ] [ -loop LOOP_COUNT ]
               [ -bgcolor BACKGROUND_COLOR ] -o OUTPUT
       webpmux -duration DURATION OPTIONS [ -duration ... ] INPUT -o OUTPUT
       webpmux -info INPUT
       webpmux [-h|-help]
       webpmux -version
       webpmux argument_file_name


       This manual page documents the webpmux command.

       webpmux can be used to create/extract from animated WebP files, as well
       as to add/extract/strip XMP/EXIF metadata and ICC profile.  If a single
       file  name  (not  starting  with  the character '-') is supplied as the
       argument, the command line arguments are actually tokenized  from  this
       file.   This allows for easy scripting or using a large number of argu-


   GET_OPTIONS (-get):
       icc    Get ICC profile.

       exif   Get EXIF metadata.

       xmp    Get XMP metadata.

       frame n
              Get nth frame from an animated image. (n = 0 has a special mean-
              ing: last frame).

   SET_OPTIONS (-set)
       loop loop_count
              Set loop count on an animated file.

       Where: 'loop_count' must be in range [0, 65535].

       icc file.icc
              Set ICC profile.

       Where: 'file.icc' contains the ICC profile to be set.

       exif file.exif
              Set EXIF metadata.

       Where: 'file.exif' contains the EXIF metadata to be set.

       xmp file.xmp
              Set XMP metadata.

       Where: 'file.xmp' contains the XMP metadata to be set.

   STRIP_OPTIONS (-strip)
       icc    Strip ICC profile.

       exif   Strip EXIF metadata.

       xmp    Strip XMP metadata.

   DURATION_OPTIONS (-duration)
       Amend  the  duration  of  a specific interval of frames. This option is
       only effective on animated WebP and has no  effect  on  a  single-frame

              duration  is  the  duration  for  the  interval  in milliseconds
              (mandatory).  Must be non-negative.
              start is the starting frame index of the interval (optional).
              end is the  ending  frame  index  (inclusive)  of  the  interval

       The three typical usages of this option are:
              -duration d
                   set the duration to 'd' for the whole animation.
              -duration d,f
                   set the duration of frame 'f' to 'd'.
              -duration d,start,end
                   set the duration to 'd' for the whole [start,end] interval.

              Note that the frames outside of the [start, end]  interval  will
              remain untouched.
              The 'end' value '0' has the special meaning 'last frame  of  the

              frame indexing starts at '1'.

   FRAME_OPTIONS (-frame)
       Create  an animated WebP file from multiple (non-animated) WebP images.

       file_i +di[+xi+yi[+mi[bi]]]
              Where: 'file_i' is the i'th frame (WebP format), 'xi','yi' spec-
              ify  the image offset for this frame, 'di' is the pause duration
              before next frame, 'mi' is the dispose method for this frame  (0
              for  NONE  or  1 for BACKGROUND) and 'bi' is the blending method
              for this frame (+b for BLEND or -b for NO_BLEND).  Argument 'bi'
              can  be  omitted and will default to +b (BLEND).  Also, 'mi' can
              be omitted if 'bi' is omitted and  will  default  to  0  (NONE).
              Finally,  if 'mi' and 'bi' are omitted then 'xi' and 'yi' can be
              omitted and will default to +0+0.

       -loop n
              Loop the frames n number of times. 0 indicates the frames should
              loop  forever.   Valid  range  is  0 to 65535 [Default: 0 (infi-

       -bgcolor A,R,G,B
              Background color of the canvas.
              where: 'A', 'R', 'G' and 'B' are integers in the range 0 to  255
              specifying  the  Alpha,  Red,  Green  and  Blue component values
              respectively [Default: 255,255,255,255].

       Input file in WebP format.

   OUTPUT (-o)
       Output file in WebP format.

       The nature of EXIF, XMP and ICC data is not checked and is  assumed  to
       be valid.


       Please    report     all     bugs     to     the     issue     tracker:
       Patches  welcome!  See  this  page  to get started: http://www.webmpro-


       Add ICC profile:
       webpmux -set icc image_profile.icc in.webp -o icc_container.webp

       Extract ICC profile:
       webpmux -get icc icc_container.webp -o image_profile.icc

       Strip ICC profile:
       webpmux -strip icc icc_container.webp -o without_icc.webp

       Add XMP metadata:
       webpmux -set xmp image_metadata.xmp in.webp -o xmp_container.webp

       Extract XMP metadata:
       webpmux -get xmp xmp_container.webp -o image_metadata.xmp

       Strip XMP metadata:
       webpmux -strip xmp xmp_container.webp -o without_xmp.webp

       Add EXIF metadata:
       webpmux -set exif image_metadata.exif in.webp -o exif_container.webp

       Extract EXIF metadata:
       webpmux -get exif exif_container.webp -o image_metadata.exif

       Strip EXIF metadata:
       webpmux -strip exif exif_container.webp -o without_exif.webp

       Create an animated WebP file from 3 (non-animated) WebP images:
       webpmux -frame 1.webp +100 -frame 2.webp +100+50+50
               -frame 3.webp +100+50+50+1+b -loop 10 -bgcolor 255,255,255,255
               -o anim_container.webp

       Get the 2nd frame from an animated WebP file:
       webpmux -get frame 2 anim_container.webp -o frame_2.webp

       Using -get/-set/-strip with input file name starting with '-':
       webpmux -set icc image_profile.icc -o icc_container.webp -- ---in.webp
       webpmux -get icc -o image_profile.icc -- ---icc_container.webp
       webpmux -strip icc -o without_icc.webp -- ---icc_container.webp


       webpmux is a part of libwebp and was written by the WebP team.
       The  latest  source  tree  is  available  at

       This  manual  page was written by Vikas Arora <>,
       for the Debian project (and may be used by others).


       cwebp(1), dwebp(1), gif2webp(1)
       Please refer to for additional

                               December 12, 2020                    webpmux(1)

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