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wcsware(1)                       User Commands                      wcsware(1)


       wcsware - Extract FITS WCS keywords for an image


       wcsware [OPTION]... [FITSFILE]


       wcsware  extracts the WCS keywords for an image from the specified FITS
       file, constructs wcsprm  structs  for  each  coordinate  representation
       found  and  performs a variety of operations using them.  It features a
       "lint" capability as one of its more useful operations.

       By default, all known extensions to the FITS WCS standard are  allowed,
       including  deprecated  usage.   However, in "lint" mode, strict confor-
       mance to the standard is enforced.

       The FITS file may be specified according to the  syntax  understood  by
       cfitsio,  for example "file.fits.gz+1" refers to the first extension of
       a gzip'd FITS file.  Use "-" or omit  the  file  name  for  input  from


              Specify an alternate coordinate representation (ignored if there
              is only one).  Can also be specified as a  0-relative  index  in
              the range 0 to 26, where alternates are sequenced alphabetically
              following the primary representation.

       -b     Use wcsbth() for primary image  headers,  normally  wcspih()  is
              used.  (Implies -i.)

       -f     Apply wcsfix() to the header.

              Move  to HDU number (1-relative) which is expected to contain an
              image array.  Overrides cfitsio extended filename syntax.   Also
              useful for input from stdin.

       -i     Allow image header WCS keywords in binary table headers.

       -l     Validate  (lint) the WCS keyrecords in the specified FITS header
              for conformance to the WCS standard.  (Implies -s.)

       -o     Use wcshdo() to translate the wcsprm struct into a  FITS  header
              and print it.

       -p     Print the struct(s) using wcsprt() (default operation).

       -P     Same as -p but don't print a default struct.

       -r     Require strict adherence to the FITS WCS standard, though allow-
              ing the deprecated AIPS-convention keywords, CROTAn, EPOCH,  and
              VELREF,  and  also some other deprecated usage.  (Must follow -l
              if relaxed linting is required.)

       -s     Require strict adherence to the FITS WCS  standard,  disallowing
              all deprecated features.

       -t     Terse (with -l), report rejected WCS keyrecords only.

       -v     Verbose (with -l), report recognised WCS keyrecords as well.

       -w     Convert world coordinates, obtained from stdin, to pixel coordi-
              nates using wcss2p().

       -x     Convert pixel coordinates, obtained from stdin, to world coordi-
              nates using wcsp2s().

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