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vips(1)                                                                vips(1)


       vips - run vips operations from the command line


       vips [options] [command] [command-options] [command-args]


       vips(1)  is  the VIPS universal main program. You can use it to run any
       VIPS operation from the command line, to query the VIPS  class  hierar-
       chy, and to maintain parts of the VIPS library.

       To  run  a VIPS operation, the first argument should be the name of the
       operation and following arguments should be  the  operation  arguments.
       For example:

         $ vips invert lena.v lena2.v


       -l BASE-NAME, --list=BASE-NAME
              List  operations below BASE-NAME. This prints a one-line summary
              of every operation in vips  below  the  class  BASE-NAME,  where
              BASE-NAME may be a full vips class name, or a nickname.

              If  BASE-NAME  is not supplied, this will list all classes below

       -p PLUGIN, --plugin=PLUGIN
              Load PLUGIN. Note that  plugins  in  $VIPSHOME/lib/vips-plugins-
              MAJOR.MINOR are loaded automatically.

       -v, --version
              Show VIPS version.


       operation-name operation-arguments
              Execute a named operation, for example add.


       Run  a  vips8  operation.  Operation  options must follow the operation

         $ vips insert lena.v lena2.v out.v 0 0 --background "128 0 0"

       Get a "usage" message for an operation.

         $ vips insert
         insert image @sub into @main at @x, @y
            insert main sub out x y
            main         - Main input image, input VipsImage
            sub          - Sub-image to insert into main image, input  VipsIm-
            out          - Output image, output VipsImage
            x              -   Left   edge   of   sub   in  main,  input  gint
                        default:  0                    min:  -100000000,  max:
            y            - Top edge of sub in main, input gint
       default: 0                  min: -100000000, max: 100000000
         optional arguments:
            expand       - Expand output to hold all  of  both  inputs,  input
       gboolean                  default: false
            background   - Colour for new pixels, input VipsArrayDouble
         operation flags: sequential

       List all draw operations.

         $ vips -l draw
           VipsDraw (draw), draw operations
             VipsDrawink (drawink), draw with ink operations
               VipsDrawRect (draw_rect), paint a rectangle on an image
               VipsDrawMask (draw_mask), draw a mask on an image
               VipsDrawLine (draw_line), draw a line on an image
               VipsDrawCircle (draw_circle), draw a circle on an image
               VipsDrawFlood (draw_flood), flood-fill an area
             VipsDrawImage (draw_image), paint an image into another image
             VipsDrawSmudge (draw_smudge), blur a rectangle on an image


       returns 0 on success and non-zero on error.




       The National Gallery and Birkbeck College, 1989-1996.

                                 30 June 1993                          vips(1)

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