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uupick(8)                                                            uupick(8)


       uupick - retrieve files transferred by uuto


       uupick [-s system] [--system system]


       The  uupick  program is used to conveniently retrieve files transferred
       by the uuto program.

       For each file transferred by uuto, uupick will display the source  sys-
       tem,  the file name, and whether the name refers to a regular file or a
       directory.  It will then wait for the user  to  specify  an  action  to
       take.  One of the following commands must be entered:

            Quit out of `uupick'.

            Skip the file.

       `m [directory]'
            Move the file or directory to the specified directory.  If no
            directory  is  specified,  the file is moved to the current direc-

       `a [directory]'
            Move all files from this system to the specified directory.  If no
            directory is specified, the files are moved to the current

            List the file on standard output.

            Delete the file.

       `! [command]'
            Execute `command' as a shell escape.


       -s system, --system system
            Used to restrict `uupick' to only present files transferred from a
            particular system.

       Standard UUCP options:

       -x type, --debug type
            Turn on particular debugging types.  The following types are  rec-
            ognized:  abnormal, chat, handshake, uucp-proto, proto, port, con-
            fig, spooldir, execute, incoming, outgoing.

       -I file, --config
            Set configuration file to use.

       -v, --version
            Report version information and exit.

            Print a help message and exit.


       uucp(1), uuto(1)


       Ian Lance Taylor <>.  Text for this Manpage comes from Tay-
       lor UUCP, version 1.07 Info documentation.

                               Taylor UUCP 1.07                      uupick(8)

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