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uuname(1)                                                            uuname(1)


       uuname - list remote UUCP sites


       uuname [-a] [--aliases]

       uuname [-l] [--local]


       By default, the uuname program simply lists the names of all the remote
       systems mentioned in the UUCP configuration files.

       The uuname program may also be used to print the UUCP name of the local

       The uuname program is mainly for use by shell scripts.


       -a, --aliases
            List  all  aliases  for remote systems, as well as their canonical
            names.  Aliases may be specified in the `sys' file.

       -l, --local
            Print the UUCP name of the local system, rather than  listing  the
            names of all the remote systems.

       Standard UUCP options:

       -x type, --debug type
            Turn  on particular debugging types.  The following types are rec-
            ognized: abnormal, chat, handshake, uucp-proto, proto, port,  con-
            fig, spooldir, execute, incoming, outgoing.

       -I file, --config file
            Set configuration file to use.

       -v, --version
            Report version information and exit.

            Print a help message and exit.




            UUCP system configuration file used to describe all known sites to
            the local host.


       Ian Lance Taylor <>.  Text for this Manpage comes from Tay-
       lor UUCP, version 1.07 Info documentation.

                               Taylor UUCP 1.07                      uuname(1)

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