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uuconv(1)                                                            uuconv(1)


       uuconv - convert UUCP configuration files


       uuconv -i type -o type [-p program] [--program program]

       uuconv --input type --output type [-p program] [--program program]


       The uuconv program can be used to convert UUCP configuration files from
       one format to another.  This can be useful for administrators  convert-
       ing  from  an  older UUCP package.  Taylor UUCP is able to read and use
       old configuration file formats,  but  some  new  features  can  not  be
       selected using the old formats.

       The  type  of  configuration  file to read is specified using the -i or
       --input options.  The type of  configuration file to write is specified
       using the -o or --output options.

       The  supported configuration file types are taylor, v2, and hdb.  For a
       description of the taylor configuration files, use the info command and
       see "*Note Configuration Files::" for uucp.  The other types of config-
       uration files are used  by  traditional  UUCP  packages,  and  are  not
       described in this manual.

       An  input  configuration  of  type  taylor is read  from  a compiled in
       directory by default.

       The output configuration is written to files in the directory in  which
       uuconv is run.

       Some  information  in  the  input files may not be representable in the
       desired output format, in which case uuconv will silently  discard  it.
       The  output  of  uuconv  should be carefully checked before it is used.
       The uuchk(8) program may be used for this purpose.

       The -p or --program option may be used to convert specific cu  configu-
       ration information, rather than the default of only converting the uucp
       configuration information.


       -i, --input
            Set input type (one of taylor, v2, hdb)

       -o, --output
            Set output type (one of taylor, v2, hdb)

       -p, --program
            Program to convert (e.g., uucp or cu)

              Standard UUCP options:
              -v, --version Report version information and exit.

            Print a help message and exit.


       cu(1), info(1), uucp(1), uuchk(8)


       Ian Lance Taylor <>.  Text for this Manpage comes from Tay-
       lor UUCP, version 1.07 Info documentation.

                               Taylor UUCP 1.07                      uuconv(1)

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