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timerfires(1)             BSD General Commands Manual            timerfires(1)


     timerfires -- analyze timers as they fire


     timerfires [-t timeout] [-p pid | -n name] [-s]


     The timerfires utility lists timers as they fire.

     The options are as follows:

     -t timeout    Run only for timeout seconds; then exit.

     -p pid        Analyze only timers from the process with process ID pid.

     -n name       Analyze only timers from processes with name name.  It is
                   an error to specify both -p and -n.

     -s            Show call stacks for "sleep"-type timers.


     timerfires -n MyApp -s -t 10

     timerfires will run for ten seconds, displaying timer data for all
     instances of processes named "MyApp", including stacks.

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