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tiff2icns(1)              BSD General Commands Manual             tiff2icns(1)


     tiff2icns -- converts TIFF to icns format


     tiff2icns [-noLarge] infile [outfile]


     tiff2icns can be used to convert TIFF images to 'icns' files used by Icon

     Searches for 48, 32, 16, 128, 256, 512, and 1024 wide images (in that
     order) and converts them to icons. Doesn't do any scaling, doesn't gener-
     ate mini (12x12) icons.  If no 32x32 image was found, and the -noLarge
     flag was not passed, one is generated by scaling the image.

     If no output file is specified, output is written to a file whose name is
     the input file name, with the original extension replaced by '.icns'.


     -noLarge  tiff2icns always creates a large 32x32 icon unless the -noLarge
               flag is passed.

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