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texteroids(1)                                                    texteroids(1)


       texteroids - test your mousing skills on spinning text


       texteroids [ -display name ][ -fn font ][ -size size ][ text_string ]


       texteroids  spins  the specified text string in a window.  If you click
       on the text with the mouse, the string splits up into  individual  let-
       ters, each of which you may then click on.


       -display name
              specifies  the display on which to open a connection to the Dis-
              play PostScript System. If no display is specified, the  DISPLAY
              environment variable is used.

       -fn font
              specifies  the  name of the PostScript language font software to
              use.  The default is Times-Italic.

       -size size
              specifies the size, in points, of the text.  The default is  36.

       -debug specifies  debugging  mode.   In  debugging mode, all PostScript
              code sent to the server is printed out.

              specifies the text to display.  If the text has spaces  it  must
              be  enclosed  in  quotation  marks.   The default text string is


       Adobe Systems Incorporated


       PostScript and Display  PostScript  are  trademarks  of  Adobe  Systems
       Incorporated which may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

       Copyright   (c)  1990-1994  Adobe  Systems  Incorporated.   All  rights

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