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mtxrun(1)                   ConTeXt TDS Runner Tool                  mtxrun(1)


        mtxrun - ConTeXt TDS Runner Tool


       mtxrun [ OPTIONS ...  ] [ FILENAMES ]


       ConTeXt TDS Runner Tool


              run  an mtx script (lua prefered method) (--noquotes), no script
              gives list

              run code passed on  the  commandline  (between  quotes)  (=loop)
              (exit|quit aborts)

              run a script or program (texmfstart method) (--noquotes)

              resolve prefixed arguments

              run internally (using preloaded libs)

              run script using built in libraries (same as --ctxlua)

              locate  given  filename in database (default) or system (--first
              --all --detail)

              use given texmf tree (default file: setuptex.tmf)

              go to given path before execution

              only execute when given file has changed (md checksum)

              only execute when given file has changed (time stamp)

              create stubs for (context related) scripts

              remove stubs (context related) scripts

              paths where stubs wil be written

              create windows (mswin) stubs

       --unix create unix (linux) stubs

              prepend the (found) binarypath to runners

              give a bit more info

              enable given trackers

              format or backend

              show current operating system, processor, etc

       --edit launch editor with found file

              launch files like manuals, assumes os support (--all,--list)

              run a script and time its run

              regenerate databases if needed (handy when used to  run  context
              in an editor)

              use  kpse  as  fallback (when no mkiv and cache installed, often

              force using kpse (handy when no mkiv  and  cache  installed  but
              less functionality)

              show supported prefixes

              generate file database

              show configuration variables

              show configuration order

              show (known) directives

              show (known) trackers

              show (known) experiments

              expand complex variable

              expand variable (completely resolve paths)

              expand variable (resolve paths)

              expand variable (resolve references)

              show path expansion of ...

              report value of variable

              report file location

              report path of file

              filter variables


       More  information  about ConTeXt and the tools that come with it can be
       found at:

       maillist: /

       webpage: /


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