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tapi-stubify(1)             TAPI Tool Documentation            tapi-stubify(1)


       tapi-installapi  - Create a text-based stub file by scanning the header


       tapi installapi [options] <directory>


       The installapi command creates a text-based stub file (.tbd) by parsing
       the  header files that are associated with a framework/dynamic library.
       The headers are parsed per default in Objective-C syntax mode. C++ sup-
       port is still experimental.


       -arch <architecture>
           Specifies  the  architectures  to  use  for parsing the headers. At
           least one architecture must be specified.

       -install_name <path>
           Sets an internal "install path" (LC_ID_DYLIB) in a dynamic library.

       -macosx_version_min <value>
       -ios_version_min <value>
       -watchos_version_min <value>
       -tvos_version_min <value>
           This  is  set to indicate the oldest platform version that that the
           output is to be used on.


           Treat source input files as Objective-C inputs (default).

           Treat source input files as Objective-C++ inputs.

       -x <language>
           Treat subsequent input files as having type  <language>.  Supported
           values for language are c, c++, objective-c, and objective-c++.

           Language standard to compile for.

       -current_version <value>
           Specifies the current version number of the library.

       -compatibility_version <value>
           Specifies the compatibility version number of the library.

       -D <value>
       -U <value>
           Define/undefine macro.

       -isysroot <directory>
           Specifies the path to the SDK directory.

       -I <value>
           Add directory to include search path.

       -L <value>
           Add directory to the library search path.

       -F <value>
           Add directory to framework include search path.

           Specify the severity of the validation. Supported values are Error-
           sOnly, ErrorsAndWarnings, and Pedantic.

       -verify-against <value>
           Verify the specified dynamic library/framework against the headers.

       -o <file>
           Write output to <file>.

           Demangle C++ symbols when printing warnings and errors.

           Prints the list of options.


       -allowable_client <value>
           Restricts  what can link against the dynamic library being created.

       -reexport_install_name <name>
           Reexport the specified internal "install path" (LC_ID_DYLIB).

           Disable generation of rtti information.

           Add extra symbols for InstallAPI that are created by code coverage.

       -extra-public-header <path>
           Add additional public header file/directory for parsing.

       -extra-private-header <path>
           Add additional private header file/directory for parsing.

       -exclude-public-header <path>
           Exclude public header from parsing.

       -exclude-private-header <path>
           Exclude private header from parsing.

           Restrict code to those available for App Extensions.

       -ferror-limit <N>
           Set  the  maximum  number of errors to emit before stopping (0 = no


       tapi(1), ld(1)

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