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swift(1)                      Swift Documentation                     swift(1)


       swift - the amazingly new programming language


       swift [-help] [input-filename [program-arguments]]

       swiftc [-emit-object|-emit-assembly|-emit-library]
         -o output-file

       The full list of supported options is available via "swift -help" or
       "swiftc -help".


       Swift is a new, high performance systems programming language.  It has
       a clean and modern syntax, and offers seamless access to existing C and
       Objective-C code and frameworks, and is memory safe (by default).

       Although inspired by Objective-C and many other languages, Swift is not
       itself a C-derived language. As a complete and independent language,
       Swift packages core features like flow control, data structures, and
       functions, with high-level constructs like objects, protocols,
       closures, and generics.  Swift embraces modules, eliminating the need
       for headers and the code duplication they entail.

swift 3.0.2                       2016-11-18                          swift(1)

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