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speexdec(1)                      User Commands                     speexdec(1)


       speexdec - The reference implementation speex decoder.


       speexdec [options] input_file.spx [output_file]


       Decodes a Speex file and produce a WAV file or raw file

   input_file can be:
              regular Speex file

       -      stdin

   output_file can be:
              Wav file

              Raw PCM file (any extension other that .wav)

       -      stdout

              Will be played to soundcard


       --enh  Enable perceptual enhancement (default)

              Disable perceptual enhancement

              Force decoding in narrowband

              Force decoding in wideband

              Force decoding in ultra-wideband

       --mono Force decoding in mono

              Force decoding in stereo

       --rate n
              Force decoding at sampling rate n Hz

       --packet-loss n
              Simulate n % random packet loss

       -V     Verbose mode (show bit-rate)

       -h, --help
              This help

       -v, --version
              Version information

       --pf   Deprecated, use --enh instead

              Deprecated, use --no-enh instead

       More information is available from the Speex site:

       Please report bugs to the mailing list `'.


       Copyright (C) 2002 Jean-Marc Valin

speexdec version 1.1            September 2003                     speexdec(1)

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