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sndiskmove(1)                                                    sndiskmove(1)


       sndiskmove - Xsan File System Disk Mover Utility


       sndiskmove [-fqv] [-s suffix] [-b bufMB] [-S file] <SourceVolume> <Des-


       sndiskmove is a utility for migrating the contents of a disk to  a  new
       disk.  This is accomplished by copying the data from the disk and rela-
       beling the destination disk with the name  of  the  source  disk.   The
       source  disk  is  also  relabeled  with its original name with a suffix
       added (this is ".old" by default but this can be changed  with  the  -s

       WARNING: Using this command incorrectly can cause loss of data.  Please
       ensure that you understand the procedures to safely execute  this  com-
       mand  completely.   Also,  this command is not supported for filesystem
       disks that contain data, it must be  used  for  Exclusive  Metadata  or
       Journal disks only.

       Attempting  to  run  this  command  on  a disk that is being used on an
       actively running filesystem will cause data corruption.  All  referenc-
       ing  filesystems must be stopped and remain stopped during the process-
       ing of this command.

       If successful, the command will cause the local fsmpm process to rescan
       the  disks on the host where the command is executed.  If there are any
       FSMs configured on other hosts, it is critical to request a  rescan  of
       the disks before reenabling the FSM on those servers by invoking

          cvadmin -e 'disks refresh'

       on those hosts.


       [-f]   Forces  the  disk data to be moved without confirmation from the
              user.  WARNING: Use this flag with extreme caution!

       [-q]   Run in quiet mode.  This disables the progress display.

       [-v]   Causes sndiskmove to be verbose.

       [-s suffix]
              Uses the supplied suffix to relabel the source disk.

       [-b bufsizeMB]
              Specifies the buffer size to use for the copying  of  disk  data
              (in megabytes).  The default value is 4MB.

       [-S file]
              Writes status monitoring information in the supplied file.  This
              is used internally by Xsan and  the  format  of  this  file  may



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