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sndfile-convert(1)        BSD General Commands Manual       sndfile-convert(1)


     sndfile-convert -- convert sound files from one format to another


     sndfile-convert [-override-sample-rate=rate] [-endian=little | big | cpu]
                     [-normalize] [encoding] input output


     sndfile-convert converts sound files from one audio format to another.
     The output file is overwritten it it already exists.

     The format of the output file is determined by the filename extension.
     The following file formats are currently recognized:

     wav    WAV (Microsoft)
     aif    AIFF (Apple/SGI)
     au     AU (Sun/NeXT)
     snd    AU (Sun/NeXT)
     raw    RAW (header-less)
     gsm    RAW (header-less)
     vox    RAW (header-less)
     paf    PAF (Ensoniq PARIS, big-endian)
     fap    PAF (Ensoniq PARIS, little-endian)
     svx    IFF (Amiga IFF/SVX8/SV16)
     nist   SPHERE (NIST SPeech HEader Resources)
     sph    SPHERE (NIST SPeech HEader Resources)
     voc    VOC (Creative Labs)
     ircam  SF (Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL)
     sf     SF (Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL)
     w64    W64 (SoundFoundry WAVE 64)
     mat    MAT4 (GNU Octave 2.0 / Matlab 4.2)
     mat4   MAT4 (GNU Octave 2.0 / Matlab 4.2)
     mat5   MAT5 (GNU Octave 2.1 / Matlab 5.0)
     pvf    PVF (Portable Voice Format)
     xi     XI (FastTracker 2)
     htk    HTK (HMM Tool Kit)
     sds    SDS (Midi Sample Dump Standard)
     avr    AVR (Audio Visual Research)
     sd2    SD2 (Sound Designer II)
     flac   FLAC (FLAC Lossless Audio Codec)
     caf    CAF (Apple Core Audio File)
     wve    WVE (Psion Series 3)
     prc    WVE (Psion Series 3)
     ogg    OGG (OGG Container format)
     oga    OGG (OGG Container format)
     mpc    MPC (Akai MPC 2k)
     rf64   RF64 (RIFF 64)

     The following options are recoginzed:

     -override-sample-rate=rate  Make the input use sample rate of rate Hz.
     -endian=little              Make the output file use little endian data.
     -endian=big                 Make the output file use big endian data.
     -endian=cpu                 Make the output file use CPU endianness.
     -normalize                  Normalize the audio data in the output file.

     The optional encoding parameter allows setting of the data encoding for
     the output file.  The following encodings are currently supported:

     -pcms8       signed 8 bit pcm
     -pcmu8       unsigned 8 bit pcm
     -pcm16       16 bit pcm
     -pcm24       24 bit pcm
     -pcm32       32 bit pcm
     -float32     32 bit floating point
     -ulaw        ULAW
     -alaw        ALAW
     -ima-adpcm   IMA ADPCM (WAV only)
     -ms-adpcm    MS ADPCM (WAV only)
     -gsm610      GSM6.10 (WAV only)
     -dwvw12      12 bit DWVW (AIFF only)
     -dwvw16      16 bit DWVW (AIFF only)
     -dwvw24      24 bit DWVW (AIFF only)
     -vorbis      Vorbis (OGG only)

     If no encoding is specified for the output file, sndfile-convert will try
     to use the encoding of the input file.  This will not always work as most
     container formats (e.g. WAV, AIFF etc) only support a small subset of
     encodings (e.g. 16 bit PCM, a-law, Vorbis etc).


     The sndfile-convert utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error




     Erik de Castro Lopo <>.

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