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smbutil(1)                BSD General Commands Manual               smbutil(1)


     smbutil -- interface to the SMB requester


     smbutil [-hv] command [-options] [args]


     The smbutil command is used to control SMB requester and issue various

     There are two types of options -- global and local to the specified

     Global options are as follows:

     -h      Print a short help message.

     -v      Verbose output.

     The commands and local options are:

     help command
             Print usage information about command.

     lookup [-w host] [-t node_type] [-e] name
             Resolve the given name to an IP address.  The NetBIOS name server
             can be directly specified via the -w option. The NetBIOS name
             type can be specified via the -t, the default is to lookup file
             servers. For a complete list of name type please see "http://sup-
   ".  The NetBIOS names will be unper-
             cent escaped out if the -e option is specified.

     status [-ae] hostname
             Resolve given hostname (IP address or DNS name) to NetBIOS work-
             group and system name. All NetBIOS names will be displayed if the
             -a option is specified. All NetBIOS names will be percent escaped
             out if the -e option is specified.

     view [-options] //[domain;][user[password]@] server
             List resources available on the specified server for the user.
             The options are as follows:

             -A      authorize only.

             -N      don't prompt for a password.

             -G      allow guest access.

             -g      authorize with guest only.

             -a      authorize with anonymous only.

             -f      don't share session.

     identity [-N] //[domain;][user[password]@] server
             Display the user's identity as known by the server for the
             authenticated session. Will not prompt for a password if the -N
             option is specified.

     dfs smb://[domain;][user[:password]@]server/DfsRoot[/DfsLink]
             Display the Dfs referrals for this URL for the authenticated ses-
             sion .


     nsmb.conf  Keeps static parameters for connections and other information.
                See man nsmb.conf for details.


     Boris Popov <>, <>


     Please report any bugs to Apple.

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