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sane-config(1)           SANE Scanner Access Now Easy           sane-config(1)


       sane-config - get information about the installed version of libsane


       sane-config  [--prefix] [--exec-prefix] [--libs] [--cflags] [--ldflags]
       [--version] [--help [OPTION]]


       sane-config is a tool that is used to determine the compiler and linker
       flags  that should be used to compile and link SANE frontends to a SANE
       backend library (libsane).


       sane-config accepts the following options (you can't use more than  one
       option at the same time):

               Print  the  currently installed version of libsane on the stan-
               dard output.

       --help OPTION
               Print a short usage message. If OPTION is specified,  help  for
               that option (e.g. --libs) is printed (if available).

       --libs  Print  the  additional  libraries  that are necessary to link a
               SANE frontend to libsane.

               Print the linker flags that are necessary to link a SANE  fron-
               tend to libsane.

               Print  the  compiler flags that are necessary to compile a SANE

               Print the prefix used during compilation of libsane.

               Print the exec-prefix used during compilation of libsane.




       This manual page was written by Julien BLACHE <>, for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                  10 Jul 2008                   sane-config(1)

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