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rdflib(1)                        Debian Manual                       rdflib(1)


       rdflib - manage a library file for use with ldrdf(1)


       rdflib command arguments


       rdflib  manages  a  library  file which can be used by ldrdf(1).  It is
       supplied with a shell script makelib which should probably be  used  to
       create libraries.


       c library-file
              Create (or truncate) a library.

       a library-file object-file module
              Add the object-file to the library under the name module.

       x library-file module object-file
              Extract a module from the library to the file object-file.

       t  library-file
              Display a list of modules in the library.


       A remove command will be added soon.


       Julian Hall <>.

       This manual page was written by Matej Vela <>.

Debian Project                 September 6, 1999                     rdflib(1)

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