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quartz-wm(1)              BSD General Commands Manual             quartz-wm(1)


     quartz-wm -- Aqua Window Manager for the X Window System on OS X


     quartz-wm [--prefs-domain domain]


     quartz-wm is a window manager for the X Window System. It provides title-
     bars for X11 windows that aim to match the look and feel of native Mac OS
     X windows.

     The following options are available:

     --prefs-domain domain
             This option can be used to override the domain used to read pref-
             erences from.  This is useful if you want to have multiple
             X11.apps running at the same time.


     quartz-wm can be customized using the defaults(1) command.  Examples are
     shown using the default org.macports.X11 domain.  If you use another
     domain (either through the X11_PREFS_DOMAIN environment variable or the
     --prefs-domain command line argument), then you need to substitute that
     instead.  quartz-wm can be forced to re-read these preferences by sending
     it a SIGHUP using kill(1).

     The available options are:

     defaults write org.macports.X11 wm_ffm -bool true
             Enables focus-follows-mouse mode. Windows belonging to the X
             server may then be focused by moving the pointer over them, as
             well as the default mode of clicking in them.

     defaults write org.macports.X11 wm_click_through -bool true
             Disables the default behavior of swallowing window-activating
             mouse events.

     defaults write org.macports.X11 wm_limit_size -bool true
             Limit the size of each window to the size of the current head.

     defaults write org.macports.x11 wm_focus_on_new_window -bool false
             Don't tell to take focus when a new X11 window is cre-

     defaults write org.macports.X11 wm_window_shading -bool true
             Enables double clicking on a titlebar to shade the window

     defaults write org.macports.X11 wm_auto_quit -bool true
             Automatically quit quartz-wm (thus shutting down the X11 server)
             when the last window is closed.

     defaults write org.macports.X11 wm_auto_quit_timeout -int 3
             Set the timeout for the auto-quit feature.  If wm_auto_quit is
             true, quartz-wm will wait this many seconds before attempting to
             shutdown.  If another window is created in that time, quartz-wm
             will not shutdown.

     defaults write org.macports.X11 wm_show_shortcut -bool true
             Show each window's key equivalent, if it has one, in its title


     quartz-wm sends messages to syslogd(8) using asl(3).  These logs are sent
     to the org.macports facility, and you can watch these logs using the fol-
     lowing syslog(1) command:

     $ syslog -w -k Facility eq org.macports

     By default, debugging logs are filtered out.  You can adjust the filter
     to print debugging information for the running quartz-wm with this syslog
     1 command

     $ syslog -c quartz-wm -d

     See syslog(1) or asl(3) for more information on syslog filtering.


             This variable is used to determine which X server to use.

             This variable is used as Ar domain if the Fl -prefs-domain com-
             mand line option is not given.  If neither Fl -prefs-domain nor
             X11_PREFS_DOMAIN are set, then the default value of org.mac-
             ports.X11 is used instead.

     DEBUG   If this variable is set, debug logging will be printed to stderr
             in addition to asl.


     X(7), Xquartz(1), xpbproxy(1), xrdb(1), twm(1)

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