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qtpasswd(1)               BSD General Commands Manual              qtpasswd(1)


     qtpasswd -- MP3 file playlist broadcaster


     qtpasswd [-?hvFd] [-f filename] [-g groupsfilename] [-r realm]
              [-p password] [-P passwordfile] [-A group] [-D group] [-C group]
              [-R group]


     qtpasswd streams a playlist of MP3 files to an instance of Quick-

     A list of flags and their descriptions:

     -?       display usage

     -h       display usage

     -v       display usage

     -F       Don't ask for confirmation when deleting users or overwriting
              existing files.

     -d       Delete the user. (Deletes the user from all groups)

     -f filename
              Password file to manipulate (Default is "/Library/Quick-

     -g groupsfilename
              Groups file to manipulate (Default is "/Library/QuickTimeStream-
              ing/Config/qtgroups"). If not found, will create one when neces-

     -r realm
              The realm name to use when creating a new file via "-c" (Default
              is "Streaming Server").

     -p password
              Allows entry of password at command line rather than prompting
              for it.

     -P passwordfile
              File to read the password from rather than prompting for it.

     -A group
              Add user to group. Will create group automatically if group is
              not already present.

     -D group
              Delete the user from the group.

     -C group
              Create new group. Do not specify username with this option.

     -R group
              Delete the group. Do not specify username with this option.





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