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qtdefaults(1)             BSD General Commands Manual            qtdefaults(1)


     qtdefaults -- access the QuickTime Preferences


     qtdefaults read LegacyAudioCodecsEnabled
     qtdefaults read LegacyVideoCodecs [<codec>]
     qtdefaults read InstalledLegacyVideoCodecs
     qtdefaults read TransportSettings
     qtdefaults read MimeSettings
     qtdefaults read MediaKeys [category]
     qtdefaults reset DownloadCache
     qtdefaults reset TransportSettings
     qtdefaults reset MimeSettings
     qtdefaults reset LegacyVideoCodecs
     qtdefaults write LegacyAudioCodecsEnabled <yes | no>
     qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs <videocodec> <enabled | disabled>
     qtdefaults write MediaKeys <category> <key>
     qtdefaults write TransportSettings <protocol> <port>
     qtdefaults delete MediaKeys <category> <key>


     qtdefaults allows users to read, write, reset and delete QuickTime user
     preferences from a command line shell.  The commands are as follows:

     read LegacyAudioCodecsEnabled
              Prints whether legacy audio codecs are enabled for use in the
              export settings.

     read LegacyVideoCodecs <videocodec>
              Prints whether the specified legacy video codec is enabled for
              use in the export settings.  It will print "enabled" if the
              codec is enabled, "disabled" if disabled, or "unrecognized" if
              the codec is unknown.

     read LegacyVideoCodecs
              Prints list of legacy audio codecs currently enabled for use in
              the export settings.

     read InstalledLegacyVideoCodecs
              Prints out a list of all legacy video codecs installed in the
              current system.  This list includes both enabled and disabled
              video codecs. These codec identifiers are used with 'qtdefaults
              read LegacyVideoCodecs' and 'qtdefaults write Lega-

     read TransportSettings
              Prints the transport settings being used by QuickTime for
              streaming media.

     read MimeSettings
              Prints the MIME types currently being handled by the QuickTime

     read MediaKeys <category>
              Prints the media keys being used by QuickTime to playback
              encrypted movies.  The optional <category> parameter can be used
              to list only the media keys associated with the specified cate-

     reset DownloadCache
              Empties the cache being used by QuickTime to store downloaded

     reset TransportSettings
              Resets QuickTime to automatically determine the best protocol
              and port for streaming media.

     reset MimeSettings
              Resets QuickTime plug-in to handle the default MIME types.

     reset LegacyVideoCodecs
              Disables all QuickTime legacy video codecs.

     write LegacyAudioCodecsEnabled <value>
              A <value> of "yes" will enable the legacy audio codecs for use
              in the export settings and a <value> of "no" will disable them.

     write LegacyVideoCodecs <videocodec> <value>
              A <value> of "enabled" will enable the specified legacy video
              codec for use in the export settings and a <value> of "disabled"
              will disable it.

     write MediaKeys <category> <key>
              Adds the media key specified by <category> and <key> values to
              the list of media keys used to playback encrypted movies.

     write TransportSettings [protocol [port]]
              Sets QuickTime streaming to use the transport settings as speci-
              fied by <protocol> and <port>.  Following are the recommended
              values for <protocol> and <port>:
                    - To use HTTP, specify <protocol> = HTTP and <port> = 80
                    - To use UDP, specify <protocol> = UDP and either <port> =
                    554 or <port> = 7070

     delete MediaKeys <category> <key>
              Deletes the media key specified by <category> and <key> if it



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