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qlmanage(1)               BSD General Commands Manual              qlmanage(1)


     qlmanage -- Quick Look Server debug and management tool


     qlmanage -r

     qlmanage -m [name ...]

     qlmanage -t [-d debugLevel] [-x] [-i] [-s size] [-f factor]
              [-c contentTypeUTI [-g generator]] [file ...]

     qlmanage -p [-d debugLevel] [-x] [-c contentTypeUTI [-g generator]]
              [file ...]

     qlmanage -h


     qlmanage allows you to test your Quick Look generators and manage Quick
     Look Server.

     The following usages are available:

     1.       qlmanage -r resets Quick Look Server and all Quick Look client's
              generator cache.

     2.       qlmanage -m gets all sort of information on Quick Look server
              including the list of detected generators.

     3.       qlmanage -t displays the Quick Look generated thumbnails (if
              available) for the specified files.

     4.       qlmanage -p displays the Quick Look generated previews for the
              specified files.

     5.       qlmanage -h displays extensive help.

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