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qc2movie(1)               BSD General Commands Manual              qc2movie(1)


     qc2movie -- Quartz Composer export tool


     qc2movie inCompositionPath|repositoryCompositionIdentifier outMoviePath
              width height duration [--parameterKey1 value1 ...]


     qc2movie is a tool that exports a Quartz Composer composition into a
     QuickTime movie by adding a track containing this composition. It is the
     command line equivalent of exporting a composition for the Quartz Com-
     poser application to a QuickTime movie.


                           specifies which composition you want to export. Ar
                           inCompositionPath is the path to the composition.
                           Ar repositoryCompositionIdentifier is the identi-
                           fier of a composition which lies in the Quartz Com-
                           poser Repository.

     outMoviePath          specifies movie file path to which the composition
                           will be exported to

     width                 defines the width of the export movie

     height                defines the height of the export movie

     duration              defines the length of the export movie

     [--parameterKey1 value1 ...]
                           passes composition specific parameters through the
                           command line tool to the composition


     -To create a 10 second QuickTime movie containing a Quartz Composer track
              of the Particle System composition:
              qc2movie "/Developer/Examples/Quartz Composer Compositions/Par-
              ticle Systems/Particle System.qtz" ~/ 640 480 10

     -To merge two video tracks (30s each) together using an image transition
              protocol abiding composition (Swing for example) in the Quartz
              Composer Repository (using its identifier: /swing):
              qc2movie /swing ~/ 640 480 60 --input-
              MoviePath1 ~/ --inputMoviePath2 ~/
              --duration 2

     -To apply an image filter protocol abiding composition to the video track
              of a movie:
              qc2movie /colorpencil ~/ 640 480 30 --input



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