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pubsub(1)                 BSD General Commands Manual                pubsub(1)


     pubsub -- Utility for managing RSS/Atom subscriptions via the PubSub


     pubsub [--client bundleID] subcommand [parameters]


     The available options are as follows:

     --client     Force tool to act as one specific client


     The pubsub tool is a command-line utility for interacting with the PubSub
     framework. It is intended for troubleshooting, as a simple way to see at
     a glance all the feed subscriptions that the agent will be periodically
     fetching, and to delete any left-over subscriptions (for example, of an
     application that's been deleted.)

     If the --client flag is given, the tool will act only on the PubSub
     client with the given bundle ID. For example, pubsub list will list only
     the feeds that client is subscribed to. Some subcommands, such as
     subscribe, require a client to be specified.

     The following subcommands are supported. Note that some have multi-word
     names. If no subcommand is given, a short listing of their names will be

     list   Lists all feeds (of all clients, or of the specific client if the
            -client flag is given.) The title, URL and refresh interval of
            each feed are shown. Note that a feed subscribed by multiple
            clients will be listed once per client, and that each client may
            specify a different refresh interval. However, the PubSub agent
            will only fetch one copy of the feed, at the minimum interval. The
            interval is listed in parentheses if it is inherited from the
            client's default refresh interval. The interval is followed by a "
            * " if the feed will be refreshed even when the client application
            is not currently running. The interval is followed by a " * " if
            file enclosures will automatically be downloaded.

     list clients
            Lists all registered clients by bundle ID, along with their number
            of subscriptions.

     list client bundleID
            Lists only the feeds subscribed to by the given client.

     unsubscribe URL
            Unsubscribes from the feed with the given URL.

     subscribe URL
            Subscribes the client (which must be specified using --client ) to
            the given feed.

     list URL
            Lists all entries currently stored for the given feed.

     dump URL
            Prints the raw XML of the feed, as it was last fetched from the

     list entry identifier
            Lists the attributes of an individual entry, given its identifier
            (a 40-char hex string).

     dump entry identifier
            Prints the XML of an entry, given its identifier (a 40-char hex

     refresh URL
            Fetches the feed from the network immediately, and updates the
            database if it has changed.

     listen [timestamp]
            Installs a PSClient delegate and listens for changes to subscribed
            feeds and entries, printing messages when they occur. If a time-
            stamp is given, all changes that have occurred since that time
            will first be printed. The timestamp is given as a number of sec-
            onds since the system "reference date", i.e. the same as the
            result of -[NSDate timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate].

     list downloads
            Lists all enclosures currently being downloaded.

     list enclosures
            Lists all enclosures, and their current download status.


             Per-user PubSub configuration/data directory


     pubsub list

     pubsub --client com.example.SurfNews subscribe

     pubsub unsubscribe

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