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pssolar(1)                            GMT                           pssolar(1)


       pssolar - Plot day-light terminators and other sunlight parameters


       pssolar   [    -B[p|s]parameters   ]   [    -C   ]   [   -Gfill|c  ]  [
       -I[lon/lat][+ddate][+zTZ] ] [  -Jparameters ] [  -K ] [  -M ] [  -N ] [
       -O ] [ -P ] [  -Q ] [  -Rregion ] [  -Tdcna[+ddate][+zTZ]] [  -U[stamp]
       ] [  -V[level] ] [  -Wpen ] [  -Xx_offset ] [  -Yy_offset ] [ -bobinary
       ] [ -hheaders ] [ -oflags ] [ -pflags ] [ -ttransp ]

       Note:  No  space  is allowed between the option flag and the associated


       pssolar Calculate and plot the day-night terminator and the civil, nau-
       tical and astronomical twilights.


       There are no required arguments but either -I or -T must be selected.


       -B[p|s]parameters (more a|)
              Set map boundary frame and axes attributes.

       -C     Formats  the report selected by -I using tab-separated fields on
              a single line. The output is Sun Lon Lat  Azimuth  Elevation  in
              degrees, Sunrise Sunset Noon in decimal days, day length in min-
              utes,  SolarElevationCorrected  corrected  for  the  effect   of
              refraction  index  and Equation of time in minutes. Note that if
              no position is provided in -Ilon/lat the  data  after  Elevation
              refers to the point (0,0).

              Select  color  or pattern for filling of terminators; or use -Gc
              for clipping [Default  is  no  fill].   Deactivate  clipping  by
              appending the output of gmt psclip -C.

              Print  current  sun  position  as well as Azimuth and Elevation.
              Append lon/lat to print also the times of Sunrise, Sunset,  Noon
              and  length  of  the  day.   Add  +ddate  in  ISO  format,  e.g,
              +d2000-04-25, to compute sun parameters for this date. If neces-
              sary, append time zone via +zTZ.

       -Jparameters (more a|)
              Select map projection.

       -K (more a|)
              Do not finalize the PostScript plot.

       -M     Write terminator(s) as a multisegment ASCII (or binary, see -bo)
              file to standard output. No plotting occurs.

       -N     Invert the sense of what is inside and outside  the  terminator.
              Only  used  with clipping (-Gc) and cannot be used together with

       -O (more a|)
              Append to existing PostScript plot.

       -P (more a|)
              Select aPortraita plot orientation.

       -Rxmin/xmax/ymin/ymax[+r][+uunit] (more a|)
              Specify the region of interest.

              Plot (or dump; see -M) one or more terminators defined  via  the
              dcna  flags.  Where: d means day/night terminator; c means civil
              twilight; n means nautical twilight; a means  astronomical  twi-
              light.   Add +ddate in ISO format, e.g, +d2000-04-25T12:15:00 to
              know where the day-night was at that date. If necessary,  append
              time zone via +zTZ.

       -U[[just]/dx/dy/][c|label] (more a|)
              Draw GMT time stamp logo on plot.

       -V[level] (more a|)
              Select verbosity level [c].

       -W[-|+][pen] (more a|)
              Set   pen  attributes  for  lines  or  the  outline  of  symbols
              [Defaults: width = default, color = black, style = solid].


       -Y[a|c|f|r][y-shift[u]] (more a|)
              Shift plot origin.

       -bo[ncols][type] (more a|)
              Select native binary output.

       -h[i|o][n][+c][+d][+rremark][+rtitle] (more a|)
              Skip or produce header record(s).

       -ocols[,a|] (more a|)
              Select output columns (0 is first column).

       -p[x|y|z]azim[/elev[/zlevel]][+wlon0/lat0[/z0]][+vx0/y0] (more a|)
              Select perspective view.

       -t[transp] (more a|)
              Set PDF transparency level in percent.


       Print current Sun position and Sunrise, Sunset times at:

              gmt pssolar -I-7.93/37.079+d2016-02-04T10:01:00

       Plot the day-night and civil twilight

              gmt pscoast -Rd -W0.1p -JQ0/14c -Ba -BWSen -Dl -A1000 -P -K >

              gmt pssolar -R -J -W1p -Tdc -O >>

       Set up a clip path overlay based on the day/night terminator:

              gmt pssolar -R -J -Gc -Tc -O -K >>


       gmt(1), psclip(1), pscoast(1), psxy(1)


       2017, P. Wessel, W. H. F. Smith, R. Scharroo, J. Luis, and F. Wobbe

5.4.2                            Jun 24, 2017                       pssolar(1)

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