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pgtksh(1)               PostgreSQL Client Applications               pgtksh(1)


       pgtksh - PostgreSQL Tcl/Tk shell client


       pgtksh [ filename  [ arguments... ] ]


       pgtksh  is  a  Tcl/Tk shell interface extended with PostgreSQL database
       access functions. (Essentially, it is wish with libpgtcl loaded.)  Like
       with wish, the regular Tcl/Tk shell, the first command line argument is
       a script file, any remaining arguments are passed to the  script.  Spe-
       cial options may be processed by the X Window System libraries instead.
       If no script file is named, the shell is interactive.

       A plain Tcl shell with PostgreSQL functions is available as pgtclsh(1).


       pgtclsh(1),   PostgreSQL  Programmer's Guide (description of libpgtcl),
       tclsh(1),  wish(1)

Application                       2002-11-22                         pgtksh(1)

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