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pdfdetach(1)                                                      pdfdetach(1)


       pdfdetach  -  Portable  Document  Format  (PDF)  document embedded file
       extractor (version 3.03)


       pdfdetach [options] [PDF-file]


       Pdfdetach lists or extracts embedded files (attachments) from a  Porta-
       ble Document Format (PDF) file.


       Some  of  the following options can be set with configuration file com-
       mands.  These are listed in square brackets with the description of the
       corresponding command line option.

       -list  List  all of the embedded files in the PDF file.  File names are
              converted to the text encoding specified by the "-enc" switch.

       -save number
              Save the specified embedded file.  By  default,  this  uses  the
              file  name  associated with the embedded file (as printed by the
              "-list" switch); the file name can  be  changed  with  the  "-o"

              Save  all of the embedded files.  This uses the file names asso-
              ciated with the  embedded  files  (as  printed  by  the  "-list"
              switch).   By default, the files are saved in the current direc-
              tory; this can be changed with the "-o" switch.

       -o path
              Set the file name used when saving an  embedded  file  with  the
              "-save" switch, or the directory used by "-saveall".

       -enc encoding-name
              Sets  the encoding to use for text output (embedded file names).
              This defaults to "UTF-8".

       -opw password
              Specify the owner password for the  PDF  file.   Providing  this
              will bypass all security restrictions.

       -upw password
              Specify the user password for the PDF file.

       -v     Print copyright and version information.

       -h     Print usage information.  (-help and --help are equivalent.)


       The Xpdf tools use the following exit codes:

       0      No error.

       1      Error opening a PDF file.

       2      Error opening an output file.

       3      Error related to PDF permissions.

       99     Other error.


       The  pdfinfo software and documentation are copyright 1996-2011 Glyph &
       Cog, LLC.


       pdffonts(1),  pdfimages(1),  pdfinfo(1),  pdftocairo(1),  pdftohtml(1),
       pdftoppm(1),  pdftops(1), pdftotext(1) pdfseparate(1), pdfsig(1), pdfu-

                                15 August 2011                    pdfdetach(1)

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