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pbxbuild(1)							   pbxbuild(1)


       pbxbuild - build Project Builder projects


       pbxbuild	 [  -activetarget ] [ -alltargets ] [ -target <targetname> ] [
       -activebuildstyle ] [ -buildstyle <buildstylename>" ] [ <buildaction> ]
       [ <variable>=<value> ] [ -help ]
       pbxbuild -list


       The  pbxbuild  command  builds  a target contained in a Project Builder
       project.	 Run pbxbuild from the directory containing your project (i.e.
       the <projectName>.pbproj directory).

       By  default,  pbxbuild  builds the first target listed in your project,
       with no buildstyle.  Use the Project Builder IDE to change the order of
       the targets in your project.  The order of the targets is a property of
       the project and, as such, is the same for all  users  of	 the  project.
       The  active  target  and	 active buildstyle properties are set for each
       user of the project and, as such, can vary from user to user.

       These are the options for pbxbuild

	      Builds the user's active target.

	      Build all the targets, in order, in the project.

       -target <targetname>
	      Build the target specified by <targetname>.

	      Use the user's active buildstyle when building the target.

       -buildstyle <buildstylename>
	      Use the buildstyle specified by <buildstylename>	when  building
	      the target.

	      Specify  a  build action to perform on the target. Build actions

	      build  Build the target in the builds root  (SYMROOT).  This  is
		     the default build action.

		     Copy  the	source of the project to the source root (SRC-

	      export Generate build files and a script  which  can
		     build the specified target.

		     Build the target and install it into the target's instal-
		     lation directory in the distribution root (DSTROOT).

	      clean  Remove build products and	intermediate  files  from  the
		     builds root (SYMROOT).

       <variable> = <value>
	      Set the build variable to <variable> to <value>.

       -list  Lists the targets in the project. Does not initiate a build.


       pbxbuild clean install

	      Cleans  the  build  directory; then builds and install the first
	      target in the project.

       pbxbuild	  -target   MyTarget	OBJROOT=/Build/MyProj/Obj.root	  SYM-

	      Builds  the  target MyTarget putting object (intermediate) files
	      in one directory and the products of the build in another direc-

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