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pagestuff(1)                                                      pagestuff(1)


       pagestuff - Mach-O file page analysis tool


       pagestuff file [-a] [-p] [pagenumber...]


       pagestuff  displays  information about the specified logical pages of a
       file conforming to the Mach-O executable format.   For  each  specified
       page  of  code,  symbols (function and static data structure names) are
       displayed.  If no pages are specified, symbols for  all  pages  in  the
       __TEXT, __text section are displayed.

       The options to pagestuff(1) are:

       -a     Displays all pages.  All other arguments are ignored.

       -p     Print  a list of the sections of the specified Mach-O file, with
              offsets and lengths.  All other  arguments  are  ignored.   Note
              that the size(1) tool given arguments "-m -l -x" displays a much
              more concise listing.


       Mach-O(5), size(1)

Apple Computer, Inc.            January 3, 2001                   pagestuff(1)

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