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padsp(1)                                                              padsp(1)


       padsp - PulseAudio OSS Wrapper


       padsp [options] PROGRAM [ARGUMENTS ...]

       padsp -h


       padsp starts the specified program and redirects its access to OSS com-
       patible audio devices (/dev/dsp and auxiliary devices) to a  PulseAudio
       sound server.

       padsp  uses the $LD_PRELOAD environment variable that is interpreted by and thus does not work for SUID binaries and statically  built

       Equivalent  to  using padsp is starting an application with $LD_PRELOAD
       set to


       -h | --help
              Show help.

       -s SERVER
              Set the PulseAudio server to connect to.

       -n NAME
              The client application name that shall be passed to  the  server
              when connecting.

       -m NAME
              The stream name that shall be passed to the server when creating
              a stream.

       -M     Disable /dev/mixer emulation.

       -S     Disable /dev/sndstat emulation.

       -D     Disable /dev/dsp emulation.

       -d     Enable debug output.


       The  PulseAudio  Developers  <pulseaudio-discuss   (at)   lists   (dot)
       freedesktop  (dot)  org>;  PulseAudio is available from http://pulseau-


       pulseaudio(1), pasuspender(1),

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