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opensnoop(1)                    USER COMMANDS                   opensnoop(1)


       opensnoop - snoop file opens as they occur. Uses DTrace.


       opensnoop [-a|-A|-ceghsvxZ] [-f pathname] [-n name] [-p PID]


       opensnoop  tracks  file opens. As a process issues a file open, details
       such as UID, PID and pathname are printed out.

       The returned file descriptor is printed, a value  of  -1  indicates  an
       error.  This  can be useful for troubleshooting to determine if applia-
       cions are attempting to open files that do not exist.

       Since this uses DTrace, only users with root privileges  can  run  this


       -a     print all data

       -A     dump all data, space delimited

       -c     print current working directory of process

       -e     print errno value

       -g     print full command arguments

       -s     print start time, us

       -v     print start time, string

       -x     only print failed opens

       -Z     print zonename

       -f pathname
              file pathname to snoop

       -n name
              process name to snoop

       -p PID process ID to snoop


       Default output, print file opens by process as they occur,
              # opensnoop

       Print human readable timestamps,
              # opensnoop -v

       See error codes,
              # opensnoop -e

       Snoop this file only,
              # opensnoop -f /etc/passwd


       ZONE   Zone name

       UID    User ID

       PID    Process ID

       PPID   Parent Process ID

       FD     File Descriptor (-1 is error)

       ERR    errno value (see /usr/include/sys/errno.h)

       CWD    current working directory of process

       PATH   pathname for file open

       COMM   command name for the process

       ARGS   argument listing for the process

       TIME   timestamp for the open event, us

              timestamp for the open event, string


       See  the  DTraceToolkit for further documentation under the Docs direc-
       tory. The DTraceToolkit docs may include full worked examples with ver-
       bose descriptions explaining the output.


       opensnoop will run forever until Ctrl-C is hit.


       occasionally the pathname for the file open cannot be read and the fol-
       lowing error will be seen,

       dtrace: error on enabled probe ID 6 (...): invalid address

       this is normal behaviour.


       Brendan Gregg [Sydney, Australia]


       dtrace(1M), truss(1)

version 1.60                     Jan 12, 2006                    opensnoop(1)

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