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orte-clean(1)                      Open MPI                      orte-clean(1)


       orte-clean - Cleans up any stale processes and files leftover from Open
       MPI jobs.


       orte-clean [--verbose]
       mpirun --pernode [--host | --hostfile file] orte-clean [--verbose]


       [-v | --verbose] This argument will run the command in verbose mode and
       print  out  the  universes  that are getting cleaned up as well as pro-
       cesses that are being killed.


       orte-clean attempts to clean up any processes and files left over  from
       Open  MPI  jobs that were run in the past as well as any currently run-
       ning jobs.  This includes OMPI infrastructure and helper commands,  any
       processes  that  were  spawned  as  part  of the job, and any temporary
       files.  orte-clean will only act upon processes and files  that  belong
       to  the  user  running the orte-clean command.  If run as root, it will
       kill off processes belonging to any users.

       When run from the command line, orte-clean will attempt to clean up the
       local  node it is run from.  When launched via mpirun, it will clean up
       the nodes selected by mpirun.


       Example 1: Clean up local node only.

       example% orte-clean

       Example 2: To clean up on a specific set of nodes specified on  command
       line,  it  is recommended to use the pernode option.  This will run one
       orte-clean for each node.

       example% mpirun --pernode --host node1,node2,node3 orte-clean

       To clean up on a specific set of nodes from a file.

       example% mpirun --pernode --hostfile nodes_file orte-clean

       Example 3: Within a resource managed environment like N1GE,  SLURM,  or
       Torque.  The following example is from N1GE.

       First, we see that we have two nodes with two CPUs each.

       example% qsh -pe orte 4
       example% mpirun -np 4 hostname

       Clean up all the nodes in the cluster.

       example% mpirun --pernode orte-clean

       Clean up a subset of the nodes in the cluster.

       example% mpirun --pernode --host node1 orte-clean


       orterun(1), orte-ps(1)

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